How Much Does an Ecommerce Website Cost in 2022? Guide

Using purpose-built eCommerce software like Shopify will save you time. There are so many different parts to a website, and each piece will impact the overall cost. Knowing how much you want to spend ahead of time can help you decide which platform is the best choice for you and what additions you’ll be able to afford.

And if you’ve searched the internet, you’ll notice several choices for hiring developers. You must take care to build it in a way that makes it easier for customers to experience your brand. Also, remember that it is not possible to get everything right the first time. Keep learning from your experiences, be ready to experiment and make changes when required. Announce the launch of your e-commerce store through your social media pages, guest posts on popular retail blogs in your niche, influencer marketing and to your email lists. If you have the budget, you can also go for paid advertising on Facebook, Google and other platforms.

Responsive design pricing for E-commerce website

However, if you want to use one of the self-hosted platforms like WooCommerce or Magento, you’ll need to purchase your own hosting to power the software. Your domain is basically the permanent address of your store on the Internet. Another popular open-source, free eCommerce platform option is Magento, though it’s not quite as suited to non-developers.

  • There doesn’t seem to be a way to have two separate stores with Woocommerce, especially to integrate the shipping from two dropshippers.
  • First, an offshore development team can greatly reduce the cost of development, without affecting quality.
  • As we mentioned above, there are several different types of e-commerce websites that differ in directions, way of doing business, and complexity.
  • You could also just use it to store the usernames and passwords of your clients to avoid any inconvenience.
  • The complexity of the design directly correlates with the cost of developing an e-commerce website.

As these factors might impact the overall time and cost of your project. The complexity of the design directly correlates with the cost of developing an e-commerce website. Since clients want a quick, easy, and transparent select-buy process, design is about more than just aesthetics. To simplify, as your website expands, so do the technical requirements. When it comes to price, all of these factors—screens, buttons, fields, and logic—matter a lot. An application that is used to manage content, allowing various users to generate, update, and publish is known as a content management system .

Stay Stuck with Your Store Specifications During the Planning Process. ?

The complexity of the website determines the price of the development. The cost depends on the simplistic structure and ranges from $10,000 to $15,000. They should take special care on the SEO side of site design and development. Without defining your business website type, you may not be able to get a comprehensive answer to how much it costs. Let’s provide a detailed account of how much it costs to make a business website.

How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce website

Companies can boost customer satisfaction and conversions by engaging with their customers through eCommerce apps or websites. Additionally, eCommerce web and mobile app development allow businesses to improve their branding and visibility. Several eCommerce app development platforms are available on the market; it’s up to you to decide which is right for your business. The most cost-effective option would be to use a platform that offers customization features, quality assurance services, and help to launch the app online (i.e., Appify).

Thinking of Developing a Website?

This is a very small number, especially when compared to thousands of themes available for WooCommerce. However, if you are not in those select countries, then you will pay 2% additional charges to Shopify for each transaction which could significantly reduce your profit margins. On the self-hosted site, you will have to upgrade your hosting plans with WP Engine, Liquid Web, or whichever hosting provider you are using. The two of the most popular SaaS eCommerce platforms are Shopify and BigCommerce.

Whether or not you decide to sell on an e-commerce marketplace, having a website is critical to building your brand. Costs to build a successful eCommerce business project, you need to figure out what it consists of. So we’ll list the most important features of your website and evaluate each of them in the hours required to implement it. And only then, based on the data obtained, we’ll make the final eCommerce website cost estimate.

This implies that compared to websites that produce business leads from a small number of pages, your cost per page will be substantially greater. You can still conduct the number of page breakdowns in accordance with the number of items you sell. Additionally, internet stores provide you the flexibility to shop whenever you want, day or night, which increases sales. Especially after the pandemic, people have more relied on online platforms. Hence, it is quite smart to invest in a quality e-commerce platform. We are Microsoft Gold partner with its presence across the United States and India.

How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce website

They are also good at building reusable codes and component libraries. There are a lot of aspects of a website that users interact with. Also, the number of pages, roles, and user interactions impact cost. The exact amount depends on the robustness of the solution being created. Either you can hire a project manager on an hourly or contract basis. Here’s an ideal custom website creation team for guaranteed quality and performance.

Cost of Developing Backend of eCommerce Website

The only downside of self-hosting is the tremendous legwork it needs. Even though the hosting provider will help you with the set up, you’ll still have to manage most things by yourself. By leveraging eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, one can build magnificent web design without spending a single penny. These platforms come with free themes that come in handy for those walking on a budgetary tightrope. Some of these free themes look amazing too; however, the cookie-cutter options eventually prove insufficient achieving only the bare minimum.

How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce website

In the end, such platforms can both be the only source of your income and increase the profitability of your “offline” business. That’s why so many forward-looking entrepreneurs are doing their best to figure out how to make an e-commerce website at no extra cost. Marketing – Of course, all this software is useless without customers to use it. Unfortunately, many companies don’t delve into the development of a reliable marketing strategy. There are many ways to attract traffic to a website, including social media, video marketing, mobile marketing, and even traditional methods such as mass mailing. Choose Ecommerce website features and functionality – If your business model requires any custom features, then you need to provide them for your website.


With responsive design, your ecommerce website will automatically fit and conform to whatever device a person is using to shop. You have to continually work on your site so that you earn new customers. Otherwise, you won’t have the steady stream of new and repeat customers that you need to survive. Shorter pages are great for conveying information in a few seconds, and longer pages are better at succeeding in search engines. They’re clean-cut with high-resolution images and color schemes that are appropriate for the website’s primary demographic.

Connect with a Development Expert

Brands that are just starting out in ecommerce may choose to start out on a Shopify store. More established businesses, brands looking to grow and those with complex needs often choose BigCommerce for its flexibility and freedom of choice. And how to create a custom e-commerce website there are no on-site developers for you to contact for help building your site. You will need either a developer or a team of developers to build your site, a hosting partner that can host your site, and someone to integrate your tech stack.

In other words, if you get hosting at a valuable rate, you won’t receive much support. However, investing in quality might pay off over the course of your site’s existence. The finest course of action is to locate a host that enables you to construct your own unique website from scratch. In this approach, your company will stand out from the competition thanks to a distinctive online presence. However, the price is unaffected by the mode of payment you select; it’s only a matter of convenience.

As you compare the features of Square Online Store to its primary competitors, keep its lower price in mind. With it’s “premium” plan topping out at $72/month, Square Online Store is much cheaper than both Shopify and BigCommerce on the top end. Square Online is on the up and up, with this platform becoming more popular among those seeking simplicity at a more competitive price.

eCommerce Website Development Cost: Opinions, Influencing Factors, Features, & Services

Fortunately, ecommerce companies don’t need as many text-only pages as other websites. You get started with a basic, but totally functional store for less than $500 for your entire first year if you’re willing to DIY. If you just want a “standard” eCommerce store, these platforms are really all you need. Beyond that, even non-technical people can use these platforms to create a store. Shopify and Squarespace Commerce – most premium “apps” charge a monthly fee that you need to pay for as long as you want to continue using them. Unfortunately, we can’t give a single number because it depends entirely on your needs.

At SpdLoad, we can get started promptly and deliver a robust website within a few months. Choose a development partner that has an effective communication model. That is all you need to understand about how much it costs to make a website. Within marketing, various aspects and tools exist for optimum results. Tech Optimization Technical optimization is steps to help search engine spiders crawl and index your website more effectively. There are several link-building strategies that you can follow.

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